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Like many early altcoins zcash is fork of bitcoin and uses the zcash blockchain size of 2mb max. Here you will also get the charts about zcash coin price. So for the latest news and information the zcash community is the best place ever.

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Zcash was created from an improved version protocol of Zerocoin. It has the selective choice to hide recipient, sender and the transaction amounts. This and other benefits had add together to the contribution of the increased growth of the users. In the future it is proposed to cooperate with Ethereum. The continuing target is to develop a union between both coin currencies and proceed to improve Zcash through the use of new developments.

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Mining is a highly profitable activity, especially as in the case of Zcash (ZEC). There are two ways to consider that can be done. A user can mine solo and occasionally they earn large sums of money, or a user can increase the mining profit by enlisting into a Zcash pool. Pools are an enhanced way of acquiring money since they substantially improve the mining power and miners are highly likely to receive smaller yet more frequent payments. To select the correct pool for you is very important, as this will optimise the user’s profit and thusly make the earning procedure that much easier. Perhaps for a user looking to join a pool and therefore the easiest way to select one would initially be to look at the hash rate. Higher the hash rate informs you of the better efficiency and possibly more frequent profit return. The location of where the server is based is really important and is highly advisable that the server is near the location of where you mine in, thus the latency could be lower. The fees themselves are a small amount to pay, and you as the user can be assured that you will receive a fixed income frequently. Most importantly, you as the user needs to ensure you select the pool that is essentially most cost effective for yourself. Another point would be to mention regarding pools is to have a backup for yourself, in the case your main pool goes down you have a secondary backup pool to use so your mining and profits stays uninterrupted. In order to join the pools, you will need to go through a fairly easy registration process and provide an email address. However, if you worry about your privacy, you can also join one that does not require a registration. Setting up your own Zcash mining pool has its merits and can be incredibly profitable for you. You as the admin can collect the rewards, also the fees from all the miners. It is also helpful for the decentralisation of the mining power. A large amount of the Zcash mining pool servers seem to be located in Europe, Asia and America. A possibility regarding this could that most miners tend to be in places with low electricity costs, which tends to be around the pool server locations. Also, very important is the location itself, as the miners would need to be as close to the servers in order to keep the latency down.

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By purchasing Zcash coins, think to make a calculated investment. There are many ways to buy and exchange ZEC cryptocurrency. You can buy Zcash using your debit, credit, visa card, Paypal, Skrill, Moneybookers, Webmoney, Perfect Money or Western Union account because there is no direct way to buy and exchange. You have first to buy Bitcoin and exchange it for Zcash cryptocurrency. Zcash Xchanger website allows you to purchase ZEC crypto coin by using Credit or Debit Card, Paypal or any other account, this is a cryptocurrency exchange that caters to different virtual currencies. You can choose a card as your desire option from American Express, Visa Card, Master Card, Diners or Money back according to your credit card account.