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Look out zcash mining calculator profitability easy to use cryptocurrency finance utility used to calculate a zec mining data, that's depending on your hashrate
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Many people asks is zcash a fork of bitcoin? Yes bitcoin was developed as a fork of bitcoin. There are thousands of zcash blog on the internet on different websites. so here is the platform chosen by thousands of peoples to zcash buy and is appreciated ever time.

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zcash mining calculator profitability crypto currency finance soft

Functioning off the Equihash algorithm, Bitmain’s Antminer Z9 mini, which was recently shown at the beginning of May, was the first ASIC designed for the ZEC network. Initially more of a past time or hobby for enthusiasts, cryptocurrency mining has become big business. Bitmain, the creators behind Antminer, has a $12bn valuation also the company has reportedly made $3-4bn in operating profit back in 2017. The lack of large mining operations in Zcash suggests that for the present, those with Antminer Z9 minis can expect worthwhile returns.  Whether it stays profitable completely depends on whether companies begin to invest in Equihash ASICs: independent miners should enjoy the honeymoon period while it lasts.

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Zcash (ZEC) is at the moment the highest profitable cryptocurrency to mine, amidst expected returns in said profit to be far surpassing than similar Proof of Work (PoW) or mined coins such as Ethereum (ETH) as well as Bitcoin (BTC). Data acquired from the cryptocurrency tools provider Anything Crypto informs us that at current predicament levels, Zcash miners employing the use of the Antminer Z9 mini should expect roughly an $8,000 / £6,188 return on their investment over a two-year timeframe.This has been a larger amount rate of return that could have been anticipated than from other mined coins. The second that was highest in profitability were ether miners using an Antminer E3, who for those that used this were only able to acquire a return of roughly $2,800 / £2,165 through the same timeframe. Bitcoin which happens to be the most known and popular cryptocurrency and for its miners using the most cost-effective ASIC was the GMO 82, which roughly could have brought in $1,500 / £1,160 return in profit over the same two-year timeframe. This result makes mining Zcash over 400% greater in profitability over mining Bitcoin and roughly slightly below 200% more than mining ether. Anything Crypto administers predictions that factor in the rise in mining hardship as well as adjustments in the cost of Zcash. Idealistic prediction – a 15% increase in difficulty as well as a 10% cost increase on a monthly basis – hence brought the rate of profit return declining to just under $5,400 / £4,177. Sceptical predictions – a 40% increase in difficulty and 8% cost increase within the same time period – still recommended to miners they could acquire $1,400 / £1,082 in the initial year of operation, not withstanding it would hence become economically unattainable into the second year. Applying similar parameters, Antminer E3 users could expect profits to be roughly between $1,270 / 982 and $271 / £209; the highest optimistic profit return for Bitcoin miners using a HMO B2 was $283 / £218, the lowest was simply $81 / £62 over a two-year timeframe.

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Zcash with the help of commonly available mining tools and resources, it is now possible for any cryptocurrency enthusiast to launch the popular currency ZEC digital currency coins. Zcash offers enhanced privacy and complete anonymity, and because of this, it has already a steady and growing fan base. Without the authorized code and key, this is impossible for anyone to view the value of the transactions happening on the blockchain remains encrypted and the transaction information such as names of the sender. ZEC is sharply focused on privacy because Zcash is the Equihash algorithm-based currency. By defeating ASIC based mining, the goal of the developers was to decentralize cryptocurrency. You can mine Zcash on Linux including Ubuntu, Debian, Elementary OS, Linux Mint and ZEC Miner.