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The new litecoin logo is free to use without any restrictions and it very widely used all over the world.The concept of the litecoin is making progress leaps and bounds so the question arises is litecoin the next bitcoin this litecoin vs bitcoin competition will show result with time.

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Another thing to consider is that most people get no fraud transactions while getting their cryptocurrency through standard verification procedures. You should ask yourself if you need to hide your existence or not. Here at the Bitcoinsxchager platform, when you open n account, you don’t need to give any identification. It indicates that you can very easily and quickly invest in Litecoins and other cryptocurrencies. We charge a service fee for more significant amounts and also demand KYC documents. This thing is essential as it saves you from any fraud. One of the most significant advantages of using our site is that it is an authorized site r meaning that your funds are secure.

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Here im to give you good news about an easy process to sell your Litecoins to Western Union and also without out verification. You can sell Litecoins safely and straightforwardly using Western Union. Western Union is an admitted leader in global money transfer, just like Paypal. But if we see the services of Paypal, it seems that the users are facing some issues to buy and sell Litecoins with their service. The good thing for US residents is that they can use Western Union with almost any type of credit card to pay with it. Bitcoinsxchanger is a website that will allow you to sell Litecoins with Western Union in a matter of 24 hours. They also accept all of the major credit cards as well. When you start using their service for the first time, you will notice that they charge quite a reasonable commission for their service. But this only thing shouldn’t necessarily stop you from working with them as there are some solid reasons for this.  When you sell your Litecoins with a credit card using other methods, you get limited. But here at Western Union, you get an unlimited amount to purchase. Secondly, when you place your order, your price will be reserved no matter if the Litecoin price goes up when you submit your payment. Thirdly, Bitcoinsxchanger is the fastest way to get Litecoins since it does not require wire transfers or long manual authentication processes. So you can quickly sell your Liecoins to WU without verification. You may have undoubtedly heard that to buy and sell Litecoins; one needs to submit a series of identification documents to the trading site. These documents may contain copies of passports & utility bills, or selfies of yourself holding a custom message. Almost every cryptocurrency exchange demands a specific process of KYC (know your customer). It is to prevent cyber-crime and money laundering. So it is quite clear that every crypto user should be aware of when seeking recommended places to buy and sell Litecoins without ID. Even if you choose a full-KYC exchange, you should still be conscious and take precautions to protect against identity theft or abusive practices by exchange operators.

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People thinks that Litecoin is actually a lot similar to Bitcoin. After some technical details of the Litecoin blockchain platform and Litecoin itself is really similar to BTC cryptocurrency. The decreased transaction time (2.5 minutes) and different hashing algorithm and a modified GUI, this is the only difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin. Basically in every sense of the world, Litecoin is the successor to Bitcoin. Now, it's time to discuss how you can exchange Litecoin and the answer is bitcoinsxchanger website. This is only the website in the whole world that is providing secure and most reliable profitable free services. You can easily exchange your Litecoin as well as other cryptocurrencies by using Western Union, Paypal, Moneygram, Perfect Money, etc. Do not get worried about any thing, you can exchange your cryptocurrency anonymously.