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Litecoin core wallet is a well known wallet which you can also use to keep your coins after litecoin exchange. You can use online litecoin generator on our website. Litecoin nodes are the simple wrapper for all the clients of litecoin miners.

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Keep monitoring your email inbox. If your verification gets rejected, you will get an email with a detailed explanation of all the issues that you need to fix. When you pass the verification process, you will be able to see our bank details and use these to complete your payment. So now, you can transfer Litecoins or any coin to a bank account. Once you make your payment, add a screenshot with your proof of payment and click on the "Mark as paid" button. Your funds will transfer as soon as we receive your payment. This process usually takes between 1 to 5 business days.

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To transfer Litecoin to bank wire, you need to log in to your account at Bitcoinsxchanger. It is the platform offering expert services in this kind of transaction like bank wire transfer or exchanging coins to local and international currency and many more. After logging in to your account, select, select "Bank Transfer USD" from the homepage and "Litecoin (LTC)" from the right column. Enter the $$ value you would like to spend under "Amount you deposit" and click on "START TRANSACTION." You will now need to provide the necessary information to complete the trade. This information needs such assures like: The address of your Litecoin (LTC) wallet is correct. You understand that you can not reverse the transactions, and it will not be possible to change this at a later point. It also asks for your name and surname. Be careful that your credentials are identical to the details on your bank account. If these do not match, It will lead to the cancellation of your verification. Your exact date of birth is also important to remember that many exchanges only offer our services to people aged 18+. Your right address and location need to be delivered. You will need to provide a copy of your ID in good quality. Take a photo of your chosen ID with your webcam or take a screenshot. Make sure all the information on the document is easy to read. The better quality assures the higher chances of getting approved within five minutes. Also, please provide us with a recent bank statement and a copy/screenshot of your bank statement. Your credentials, billing address, and bank account number must be visible. Also, make sure that the bank statement is no older than three months. Read all the terms and conditions, and if you agree with our Terms of Service, tick the dedicated boxes, and click "Continue." Once you provide all the necessary information, you will move to the transaction details page. At this point, our team reviews your verification documents. This process usually takes five minutes to complete. However, on some occasions, it could take longer than that.

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Bitcoinsxchanger is an excellent option for those wanting to purchase or exchange Litecoin and other digital currencies. The first thing you might notice upon logging in to Litecoin exchanger site is the user interface of its website. Rather than this website's approach, you can get different offers and packages that give a certain amount of digital currency. You can create your own package if none of the premade packages is the right sizing. We do not provide you with a wallet for storing your exchanged digital currency, and this is another small difference in this website. Instead, we ask you for a wallet to send the exchanged currency too. This shouldn't be an issue at all, as long as you have your own wallet. But you don't need to get worried about this, and we have the best solution for crypto difficulties.