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At first, you will create a new account at the Solid Trust Pay platform. It would demand you to verify your account by using devices like a mobile phone or laptop to buy or exchange Bitcoin to STP. After this step, you will create a wallet for Bitcoins of your choice and connect it with your STP account. Now you will deposit the amount which you need to spend on bitcoin into your account by the bank, credit card, or transfer from another user. For this procedure, move to the section named My Money Withdraw Funds and hoose the Bitcoin option. In this way, you can withdraw your desired amount and wait up to 24 hours for it to appear in your bitcoin wallet.

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Solid Trust Pay has been there in the trade, a market offering Bitcoin services for over three years, allowing users to easily exchange your Bitcoin to STP into the currency of your choice and also exchange it back again. It has been in this field since the early days of the blockchain based cryptocurrency. Most of the people use its services exclusively to buy or sell bitcoin as it has to offer competitive rates and high levels of security and reliability. Moreover, It is the most functional online platform providing exceptional services like depositing money,transfers of crypto coins, exchanges, purchases, and withdrawals, giving users a multitude of options for buying and exchanging bitcoin to STP. It is a trustworthy service for startups and business owners as it enables them to access their customer’s desired payment method quickly. It gives access to receive bank transfers, bitcoin, card, and eWallet payments online or offline without any types of equipment. Also, it is offering its services in collaboration with some of the leading cryptocurrencies exchanges like Bitcoinsxchanger. At present, you can also use Solid Trust Pay to buy bitcoins at the Bitcoinsxchanger platform. Bitcoinsxchanger makes the process of purchasing BTC to Solid Trust Pay a simple process. You can pay with Solid Trust Pay to have bitcoin in your Bitcoinsxchanger wallet in less than an hour as this exchange has had to offer instant and reliable services to its worthy customers. You have two options there. Either you can choose to can buy from one of many offers listed by vendors for selling their BTC using SolidTrust or create your offer to sell your bitcoin in SolidTrust balance. At Bitcoinsxchanger, vendors can set their rates and also decide their profit margins. You are free to select the offer that is appropriate for you suits you the most while buying and create offers that have the best chance of converting. Buying and exchanging Bitcoin to STP is an easy thing. Start by creating a new account and a bitcoin wallet, purchase bitcoin. All this procedure is speedy, easy, and highly secure. It has an experienced staff to manage always ready to help users with any kind of issues regarding transaction or account, as well as to clarify anything you don’t understand. The method to buy bitcoin with a SolidTrust Pay account,  you need to follow these steps.

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Solid Trust Pay STP is serving millions of clients around the world, and it was launched in April 2006. Solid Trust Pay was designed to make sending or exchanging money very easy, like we send an email. STP is providing many services like EWallet services, direct merchant credit card, Payment processing accounts for online entrepreneurs. Milion of the persons all over the world have an account in Solid Trust Pay and looking for funds. With the help of this, you can exchange, buy, or sell your Bitcoin everywhere in the world in no minimum time. This is a really fast and secure way for you on which you can trust blindly. This is a low-cost process, and you don't need any ID verification for this.